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About Derek J. Canyon

Email: derek@derekjcanyon.com

I live near Seattle with my wonderful wife Shari and our jealous Chihuahua Andy.

I’ve delivered furniture across the Pacific Northwest, sold games at The Game Store, and written software documentation for Microsoft. Throughout these jobs I’ve dared perils far less dire than you might expect.

I hope to someday be a career novelist, but that means I have to sell a LOT of books. For now, I manage to eke out a few hours per week writing my novels.

Where did you get the idea for The Elemental Odyssey?

I’ve always liked Bugs Bunny, werewolves, minotaurs, and the other anthropomorphized animals of legend and cinema. I saw a gap between the violent and terrifying savagery of werewolves and the humorous cartoon antics of Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and so on. The Tales of Zura are my attempt to create exciting creatures between these two extremes.

Me on top of the pumphouse on Harney Peak
Want to help?

I am a part-time, self-publishing author. That means I don't have a big publishing company with a huge marketing budget to advertise my books. Therefore, it's very difficult for people to even know that my books exist. I can't afford to advertise on TV, radio, magazines, or popular websites. The only way people can find out about my books is when my readers tell them about it.

This means that I don't sell enough books to work on writing novels full time. So, it takes longer for me to write books because I have to work a regular job 40+ hours per week, leaving little time for Tales of Zura sequel.

If you'd like to help me sell more books, and hopefully become a full-time writer so that you can read the Tales of Zura sequels sooner, here's what you can do:

  • Tweet about the books or mention them on Facebook.
  • Tell all your friends and classmates about my books. Hopefully, they'll buy the books and tell their friends!
  • Go to The Elemental Odyssey review page on Amazon.com, click the Create your own review button, and write a review. It's easy and it really helps self-publishing authors like me.
  • You can also go to other websites and post the same review:
    • www.GoodReads.com, click edit review, enter your review, and then click Save.
    • www.Shelfari.com, click Edit under the book picture, click the Review tab, enter your review, and then click Next a few times until you can click Done.
    • www.LibraryThing.com, click Edit your book on the left side, type your review in the Your review box, then click Save way down at the bottom.

Thanks a lot for your help!